What is Vacc-u-cation?

Vacc-u-cation is an education on the science of vaccines. A rise in misunderstanding of what vaccines do and what they contain has occurred in the United States and other countries. Vacc-u-cation's goal is to educate people on not just why it's important to vaccinate, but how they work to help keep people safe.

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Vacc-U-Cation Video


18.04.2019 19:55

Amy M Tubbs

I am a science teacher, and I have shared this video with my students in our cell unit to help them learn more about how the cells use vaccines to create immunity to diseases.

29.03.2019 05:04

Elizabeth Wise

Very nice work Brekke! I’m a troop leader and a cancer survivor. Email me and I’d love to share my positive experience with you. There aren’t enough character spaces to share my vaccine story here. :)

28.03.2019 19:00

Lisa Skodack-Jones

Very well done and a great easy to understand. This is a very timely and important topic as evidenced by the recent measles outbreak in this country.

11.03.2019 22:21


Great job making it easy to understand! :) I shared it on my Facebook

06.03.2019 23:53


This is nothing anybody hasn't heard before. Where do I find you justifying the injecting of mercury and formaldehyde into my kid's body? Why not address the elephant in the room DIRECTLY.

15.03.2019 04:54

Tinkerbell DeNeverland

Thank you for your concern. I have now addressed this in the FAQ at the end. Please check it out, and thank you for making the site better.

24.02.2019 07:39

Amber Roberts

Great job spreading the truth and importance of vaccines!

18.02.2019 06:50

Karen Greco, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FAAN, FAANP

Great job! The number of health professionals commenting is a testament to the importance of the topic you have chosen and the impact your program can have.

17.02.2019 05:12

Jane Henry

Marvelous video! I work in pharmacy, and this is great! Thank you for making it.

16.02.2019 23:02

Diane R. Mueller, RN, FNP-BC

This is just an excellent explanation of vaccines. Evidence based and very entertaining. You should share with key audiences such as pediatricians, school nurses, etc.

16.02.2019 12:52

Kimberlee Sing

As a scientist, I appreciate your project! All the points you make are easy to understand, very informative, and I learned something new today. Proud to be a girl scout!

16.02.2019 03:56

Jacky Adelstein

Also :) If you have a facebook page link to it here and if not - make one!

16.02.2019 03:55

Jacky Adelstein

SO GREAT! Ideas 1) make social sharing easier to find 2) Highlight some of the information contained in the site on the landing page and link directly from there, not only from your nav. LOVE IT!

16.02.2019 03:19


As a Pediatrician and Girl Scout troop leader I applaud your efforts. Great work!

16.02.2019 00:15


Awesome! Excellent job. I hope that your letter to your local Representative will lead to some much needed change.

15.02.2019 20:50

John E. Kaplan Ph.D.

I have linked your page to the Facebook page of the Alden March Bioethics Institute at Albany Medical College. Great job.

15.02.2019 19:43


Great job!

14.02.2019 15:55

Rebecca Kincaid

That was a great review of how the body creates immunity. Thanks for doing this!

07.01.2019 21:20


hi brekke

27.11.2018 15:33


Keep up the good work! We need this education available to everyone! This is so incredibly important!

26.11.2018 17:28

Karen Rockwell

Fantastic work! You have summarized the information very well, and your FAQ section has good answers and resources. (I am a biomedical researcher with a PhD in immunology - you got the info right)

26.11.2018 17:05


Great job with the site and trying to educate the ignorant. If it changes just 1 mind, you've been successful. Obviously I hope for more than just 1 mind changed, but everything starts small.

26.11.2018 09:02


Well done from Canada!

26.11.2018 02:36


I love that you set this up in an easy to navigate format and kept it all informative with links to the sources. Can you add in a section on recommended vaccines during pregnancy in your FAQ area?

26.11.2018 01:07

Teresa Bair

Well done! Congratulations on a carefully designed account of how vaccinations work! My hope is that your video will go viral. We are in great need to circulate this education!

23.10.2018 10:09


Thank you! Great work!! You are doing a great thing

22.10.2018 15:42

Beckie Pitts

One thing you might add if you can is what else is in the syringe, like preservatives. Parents are very afraid of it.

23.10.2018 02:51

Tinkerbell DeNeverland

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I will add that to the FAQ section soon.

22.10.2018 15:41

Beckie Pitts

I love this! I think it could be very valuable to parents of newborns who do not wish to vaccinate their babies.

22.10.2018 13:37

Ingrid Marshall

Can this link be shared on social media? I have several close friends who are against vaccines and would like to get this information out there to them and others that may be against them.

23.10.2018 02:50

Tinkerbell DeNeverland

Thank you so much! Please feel free to use this website!

22.10.2018 14:21


Hi! This is Tinkerbell's (camp name) troop leader. She is in school right now so I thought I would respond for her. Feel free to share! Help spread the word on Vacc-u-cation! Thank you!

21.10.2018 03:04

Julie Brown

Vaccines are so important and truly save lives. I’m a pediatrician & I’ve cared for countless kids who were very sick from diseases that could have been prevented with vaccines. Keep up the good work!

20.10.2018 18:25

Erin H

Great job!!!

20.10.2018 18:08

Cheryl MD

Excellent job!! I am a pediatrician and I talk about vaccines every day. I love this!! ❤️❤️❤️

20.10.2018 16:30

Elizabeth Kirlis

Outstanding! I am a pediatrician and I love this! Great job!

20.10.2018 16:00

Anna Craig

This is great! Thanks for educating on what vaccines truly are and why they are so important!

20.10.2018 15:05

Mydili Mohan

Great job. Will Definitely use your website as a resource. Thank you.

20.10.2018 14:54

Laura Balestreri

Great job! This is a wonderful service to help people understand how vaccines keep us healthy!

20.10.2018 13:38

Dolly Weisserman

I love it! Thank you for helping educate others about the importance of vaccines and how the work.

20.10.2018 13:24


Very nice and simple. Im a pediatrician and I can use this to educate (vacc-u-cate) my patients.

02.10.2018 17:25


The art work is very good. It helped me want to watch the video and read the information in order to learn more about why we benefit from vaccinations.

29.08.2018 16:00


Great job!

26.08.2018 03:16


i learned so many things that i didn’t know about vaccines from this video! very well made and easy to understand!!

25.08.2018 21:48


i enjoyed the learning aspects of this video and learned many new things :)

25.08.2018 21:31


This video is easy to understand yet very informative. I learned things that I didn’t even know that are actually really important!

25.08.2018 20:01


This video has amazing information, and is very easy to understand for those who do not know much on immunizations or how they work!

25.08.2018 19:59


This video is well done and very informative. I would definitely recommend a video like this to a friend. Awesome job!!

25.08.2018 19:34


I love this! I think brekke did an incredible job!! she most definitely deserves the award (: <3 I learned so much about vaccines that I did not know about, and now I can share my knowledge!

25.08.2018 17:06

Helen Sullivan

This video is very informative and you can learn a lot from it!

24.08.2018 03:47

Brooke Christenson

I think this video is very well done and has great information that everyone should hear!

21.08.2018 20:13

Karen Villnave

Multiple skills are evident in this site. It has accurate facts, is artfully designed, includes multimedia, drawings to aid in memory, it is organized, easy on the eye and fun!! Nicely done.

20.08.2018 20:30

Carolyn Taylor

I love your project & passion. If it's okay, I am passing this on to the Northern Utah Immunization Coalition (I'm member.) We also have the goal of educating/promoting re. immunizations

21.08.2018 01:48

Tinkerbell DeNeverland

Thank you so much! Yes! Let me know if you need anything else.

20.08.2018 14:26

Chris Macintosh, PhD, RN

Nice job on your video! Great introduction to B cells, IgM, and IgG.

17.08.2018 19:41

Joanna Strain

Very nicely done.. a great education piece for lay people (new moms and such)..

17.08.2018 18:23


I loved learning about IgG and IgA and what role they play.

16.08.2018 13:41


Wow what a great site! I love the teaching materials. I work with high school students and I am definitely going to share this information with them. Thank you!

15.08.2018 03:07


A simple but good explanation of how vaccines work.

14.08.2018 18:10

Jeff Jensen

This was effective in re-teaching me the importance of getting vaccinated.

14.08.2018 16:51

Samantha ahonen

Very informative! Wow, good work advocating for vaccinations in this woo filled society we’ve build up.

14.08.2018 12:16

van der Werf

Very simple and clear. Congrats.

14.08.2018 02:59

Mika Newberry

I love that little video it's very educational and I think it is something that my doctor can use to teach some of my parents who are anti-vaccine errs to change their mind I think you did a very good

13.08.2018 16:23

A. Bateman MSN Ed, RN

Can I post your video on my student page? Good stuff, all your citations check out. Good job!

16.08.2018 15:25

Tinkerbell DeNeverland

Yes you can! Feel free to use anything on this website.

13.08.2018 16:14


Thank you for spreading the word on just how important vaccines really are. I found the part about how they were made very interesting

13.08.2018 15:37


Thank you for clearly explaining this process.

12.08.2018 21:16

Holly Young

My kids found this really entertaining.

10.08.2018 14:29

Linda Neff

This explains in easy understandable language why it’s important to be vaccinated against disease and how it works within our bodies. I will be sharing this information within my community.

10.08.2018 04:04


Very good website! I always knew the general idea behind vaccines but not all of the details. Very interesting.

10.08.2018 03:53


As someone who gives vaccines, I really appreciate others spreading factual information about shots to help us all be healthier.